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About Ninepoint Systems GmbH



Ninepoint Systems is a young and highly innovative Austrian company that specializes in hardware and software for the blind.

Our mobile notetaker - the Ninepoint - is the most compact device that still includes a Braille display. It can easily be operated while standing, by using the innovative keyboard layout and the adjustable lanyard. The notetaker software Oxygen features a powerful but easy-to-use editor, a calendar, a calculator, telephony functionality and Talks integration.

Cebra - short for Cellular Braille - is a highly modular Braille display. It consists of blocks of 20 Braille cells each, that can be seamlessly combined into a larger (40/60/80 cell) Braille display. The revolutionary CBI (Cellular Braille Interconnect) technology leads to fast and easy assembly and disassembly. On the left and right side navigation modules can be added. The Cebra natively supports USB. It is also available in variants with a LiPo battery and Bluetooth.



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