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Ninepoint is a compact braille notetaker with 8 braille modules. Due to its innovative keyboard layout its the only notetaker than can be used ergonomically while standing.




Ninepoint Gerätefoto


Technical Specifications

Ninepoint  is only 97 x 74 x 20 mm (3.8 x 2.9 x 0.79 inch) small – the most compact notetaker in the world. With the adjustable lanyard it is easily accessible everywhere.


The Ninepoint Notetaker is used in combination with the iPhone. An iPhone driver has been developed by Apple specifically for this device. Therefore it is possible to control the iPhone completely with Braille input and output. The combination of the Ninepoint and the iPhone is the most powerful, the most flexible and the smallest braille notetaker of all time.



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